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Snow Flower

Was she the link between the red man's world and the white man's world?  She was a white child raised to be a Native American woman.  This is her saga and the first in the Flickertail saga.  Did the American Indian have a "messiah"-type figure that they thought would bridge the gap between their world and the white man's?  This is a fictional account of such a "messiah".  Follow the trail of this "messiah".  Learn of the trials and tribulations that befall her.


Is it possible for androids and computers to acquire human emotions?  Join the Quad-Comm Probe members to see this osmosis take place.  Experience their joy, sorrow, and love.

The author considers this to be "gentle sci-fi" for those who found normal sci-fi too technical. 


Colonizing a new planet isn't as easy as it seems.  Hostile lifeforms cause feathering to take place among the Avians.  Hawk, an Avian, finds love with Rachel, an Earthling.  Their voyage to Nebulla 9000 is fraught with tests of their love. 

Hear Me Roar

She was the best at whatever she tried.  The downside of what she tried were the devastating parts of her life, but they were the vital parts.  They shaped her.  Lucy learned to deal with loss and inter-doubt, but she became stronger for it.  She was woman, hear her roar!


Roustabout Tiarra Jewel, one in an experiment the Confederation was launching, finds herself assigned to the Confederation Star Ship Victor.  The C. S. S. Victor was under the command of Tiarra’s half-brother, Crowne Jewel.  She’s excited to be assigned here and sends a joyful, tinkling, thought off to her half-brother.  Tiarra proves to be a valuable asset to the crew.  She and Braack, much to their chagrin, discover that they are participants in an ancient, Vulcan, legend of love ties.  Although they don’t believe in the legend, each time they accidently touch each other a burning sensation occurs.  Trying to ignore the facts of this truth they stoically do their tasks.


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