Profile Profile Book Cover Picture This is a glamour shot done ten years ago. 104988085 Caught unaware. This is me in the kitchen getting water from refrigerator. My grandson took the picture on a whim. 9/2010 105092498 The redheaded me. Just colored my hair with "auburn" hair dye. It did not turn out as I wanted. 10/2010 105092497 Lunch together. My daughter, Heather, and I caught chatting at lunch. Picture was taken by my grandson, Kent, who was sitting across from us. 105702204 Goofy me. Heather rounded up a Steak 'N Steak paper hat for me. Woo hoo! 105702205 In my office #1. This was taken on 2010. 164838722 In my office #2. Also taken in 2010. 164838723 Outside my cardiologists office. 9/7/2012 168138939 After a dobutimine infusion. Sept. 27, 2012 168138940 Mossbacks in Put-In-Bay, OH Oct. 7, 2012 168138941 New Do Second time Around This is a new hair cut and my first "selfie" 198587263